Microelectronics Thermal Management

Any SMT component.    No thermal grease.    Ultimate performance.

PowerPeg thermal management

PowerPeg is a new system of interchangeable parts for cooling systems in circuit board assemblies.

PowerPeg thermal connectors are designed for streamline integration with FR4 printed circuit technology. A selection of sizes allow the designer to accommodate any SMT heat source. From there, choose from a range of coolers which easily bolt-on to the circuit board.

TEM Products brand focuses not only on function, but also beauty and ruggedness. Take your next electronics design from DIY to Ultimate with PowerPeg systems.

Patent US8929077




Humble Beginnings

TEM Products was founded in 2011 in Suffolk, NY by Dean Gouramanis. Dean founded TEM Products in college while planning to produce small gear motors. The business model changed in 2012 when Dean invented a system of interchangeable parts for electronics. Dean’s appreciation for manufacturing science, and hunger for knowledge fueled development for several years.

TEM Products became the official home of PowerPeg in 2015 when we were awarded a US patent. TEM products offers a range of thermal management components, soldering tools, and OEM electronics.

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